Protect your password
Never enter your recruiter account password after clicking on a link sent in an email or present on another website or in reply to an email. will never email you to ask for your password. If you receive such an email from someone pretending to be from, you can report it to

Always go directly to to login to your Naukri recruiter
account. Note that the address starts with https and not http .
Ensuring a secure connection
This is how you can ensure that you are actually entering your password on the original Naukri website and not on a scam website.

Check for these two things before entering your login and password.
1 Correct Address in Address bar
2 No warning messages or icons
Do not enter your login details if you are suspicious:
You should not enter your username and password if any of these conditions is true.
1 Address in the address bar does not start with
2 Address starts with only http instead of https.
3 Address is correct and uses https but your browser shows a warning message.
You can reach us at
1800-102-5558 Our Branches
Report a problem

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